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IMAF Sdn Bhd has had its eleventh successful year in a climate of volatile of the markets and the global endeavor of combating terrorism  with its subsequent affect on trade. Throughout the journey, there was something we always understood about our business, which is critical to our continued success as a company - you, our customers.

IMAF Sdn Bhd is a top notch company in the industry and our customers spanning every industry from multinational corporations to small and medium sized businesses. We are proud that our services assist our customers to expand their business horizons through the use of our Directories and extensive business contacts.

However, don't take our word for it, talk to our clients. They will tell you about our commitment, focus and compelling business strategies. They will talk about  trusting IMAF Sdn Bhd as a platform for business, trading, and investment for maximum return.

Our clients have the confidence to include  IMAF Sdn Bhd services as an integral part of their business strategy for success.