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Arabic Directory of Timber & Furniture Industries        Malaysia (ADOTFIM)

ADOTFIM is endorsed by the Malaysian Timber Council and was recently launched by Datuk' Dr. Lim Keng Yaik in conjunction with the Malaysian Timber Marketing Convention in September 2002.

Timber and furniture industries have in recent years emerged as major export earners. The growth rate is tremendous, with more and more foreign buying missions routing their business trips to Malaysia each year to meet potential manufacturers. Many of them, undoubtedly, are buyers from the Middle East, or to be more specific – Arabic speaking countries.

Publishing and promoting Malaysian timber products and furniture through the ADOTFIM is just one of the many ways to highlight and showcase the finest craftsmanship of the Malaysian people to create further breakthroughs in the international market.

The 2nd Edition of ADOTFIM is scheduled to release in March 2005

Advertising Rates: -

Prime Advertising Pages

Description Size (mm)
Width (W) x Height (H)
Rate (RM) Per Page
  Outside Back Cover 210 x 297 23,000.00  
  Inside Front Cover 210 x 297 17,000.00  
  Inside Back Cover 210 x 297 18,500.00  
  Facing Inside Back Cover 200 x 287 15,500.00  
  Facing Message Page 200 x 287 7,500.00  
  Facing Content Page 200 x 287 8,500.00  
  Book Mark (Both Side) 60 x 280 30,000.00  

Run-of-Page (ROP) Advertising Pages

Description Size (mm)
Width (W) x Height (H)
Rate (RM) Per Page
  Full Page 200 x 287 5,000.00  
  Additional Full Page 200 x 287 3,000.00  

Specifications: -

Booking Deadline : January 15, 2007
Material Deadline : February 28, 2007
Publication Date : March 2007
Circulation : 50,000 copies of Arabic Directory and CD-ROM
Printing : Offset 4 Colour Printing
Number of Pages : Approximately 300 pages
Internal Papers : 80 grams – Glossy Paper
Cover : 310 grams – Art Card

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